Thần Tài – God of wealth

Thần Tài is a very famous name in East culture. You can find this name in China, Vietnam. Thần Tài is who bring wealth to each family, each person in their life. Let’s discover how this name appeared.

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Thần Tài
Thần Tài – Vietnamese sentences

Story: Thần Tài – God of wealth

As the legend, God of wealth (Thần Tài) was a man who lived in reign of Tan Empire named Trieu Cong Minh. He leaved the normal life and came to Chung Nam Mountain to become a monk. After he had reached the peak of the Way in his religion, he was conferred a title as 正一玄壇元帥(Zhengyi Xuantan Marshal), his duty has been eliminating epidemic and curing for diseases. Moreover, anytime the innocent victims need he would come to help them, while any trader who worships him would thrive on business.

His portrait is drawn as a man with black face and thick beard, his hand hold a rod to control the black tiger that he rides. The old folks also call him as Lord of wealth star or Trieu Cong Marshal

Notes: Vietnam was influenced Chinese culture by more than 1000 years of Chinese Domination.


Learn Vietnamese words & phrases

  • Truyền thuyết: Legend
  • Thần Tài: God of Wealth
  • Chân dung: portrait (picture of a person: hình người)
  • Phong kiến Trung Hoa (Bắc Thuộc): Chinese domination (North domination of Vietnam).
  • Văn hóa: Culture.


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