Greeting – Learn how to say hello in Vietnamese

To say Hello and Goodbye in Vietnamese is very easy. We can study one word for all: “Chào”. But belong to your position, you need learn to know how to use right way in each situation.

Say hello in Vietnamese: XIN CHÀO!
Say hello in Vietnamese: XIN CHÀO!

When Vietnamese people meet each other, they use “chào” or “xin chào” which standing before a relevant personal pronoun. However, “chào” or “xin chào” can only be used in an informal case, for example with close friends. If they want to show their respect, they use “Kính chào”. They do not distinguish between morning, afternoon or evening in greetings.




Xin chào

Kính chào





    • Chào bạn! (to say hello a friend, common case)
    • Chào ông! (to formally greet a married man)
    • Xin chào bà! (to greet a married woman)
    • Kính chào thầy! (to greet a male teacher)


Note: When they know each other, they use “Chào” in front of a relevant title and name.
Let’s say Hello in Vietnamese with me: Xin chào bạn! (or Chào bạn)


Other examples: Say hello in Vietnamese with other way: Chào + Personal pronoun + name

      • Chào ông Minh! (to greet Mr. Minh)
      • Chào Hà! (to greet Mrs. Hà)

One thing very special, “chào” in Vietnam means “hello” or “goodbye”; therefore, the above examples also mean “Goodbye Mr. Minh” and “Goodbye Mrs. Hà”).


Chào ông Ba = Hello Mr. Ba

But Chào ông Ba = Goodbye Mr. Ba.

It means:

When you meet people, you say Hello (Chào or xin chào)

When you must say Goodbye, you also can use Chào or Tạm biệt (Bye).

“Không” – Yes-no question in Vietnamese
There are many question words available to form questions in Vietnamese but the most basic one is “không” which is used after a statement to form a “yes-no” question. “Không” is a negative particle used in answering the questions. It stands before a verb or an adjective.



      • Statement:  – Bà khỏe.              (You are well)
      • Question:    – Bà khỏe không? (How are you?)
      • Answer:       – Dạ, khỏe.             (Yes, I am well)

– Dạ, không khỏe. (No, I am not well)

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