Dây Tơ Hồng – Marriage ties

If a man and a women were connected by marriage ties, they will become spouses. Is it correct?

Day to hong - Marriage Ties
Dây tơ hồng – Marriage Ties
Dây tơ hồng - Marriage Ties 2
Story Dây Tơ Hồng in Vietnamese


Marriage ties

The classic reference about marriage ties come from the old story about the man name Vi Co who lived in China. One day, he went out to enjoy the beautiful light of the moon. By a chance, he met an old man was weaving many red threads. The old man told that he is the God of marriages, his duty is connect the fate of the couples on the earth; and whenever he ties the thread to any two people, they have to get marriage with no other choices. Because of curiosity, Vi Co asked the God of marriages that who would be his wife in the future, and the God said his wife would be a poor dirty who live by selling vegetables. Vi Co became angry with the saying of God, so he tried to find that girl and made a plan to kill her. However, at the end, the still got marriage as the God had told.

Vietnamese believe that love is the fate and create by the hands of God. Therefore, when a couple can get marriage and live together, they should thank the God and pray for their marriage tie is never severed.


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  • Dây tơ hồng (sợi dây gắn kết hôn nhân): Marriage ties
  • Xe tơ: Weave
  • Nguyệt lão(Thần hôn nhân): God of marriages
  • Kết hôn (lấy nhau): get marriage

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