Công tử Bạc Liêu – Bac lieu dandy

Công tử Bạc Liệu – Bac Lieu Dandy is a person who grew up in a very rich family. He spent a lot of money for his activities.

Công tử Bạc Liêu’s house
Cong tu bac lieu - Bac Lieu dandy
Công tử Bạc Liêu

Bac lieu dandy

As the folk tale, the richest person at Bac Lieu in the past is Trach councilor, secretary of the village. He had tens of thousands hectare of paddy fields. According to his descendants, he kept 11 plots in the total 13 field plots of Bac Lieu province. He born 3 sons with 4 girls and his third son was a real playboy.

Whenever he visits his family’s fields, he would hire a small plane flew by a French pilot. And whenever he goes to collect debts, he would use different kinds of vehicles.

One time he went out to get some fresh air, he used tens of rickshaws, each of them carry one of his belongings such as a hat, a stick….

Nowadays, folks are still sharing the story of his freely generous lived life… And now, his house in Minh Hai (Bac Lieu) province has become a museum, opened for everyone to visit.


Learn Vietnamese words & phrases

  • Thư ký: Secretary
  • Cánh đồng lúa: Paddy fields
  • Con cháu: Descendants
  • Người ăn chơi: Playboy
  • Hóng gió: go out to get some fresh air
  • Thu nợ: Collect debts
  • Phóng khoáng, hào phóng: Generous

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